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Ten Weeks Plus One Day AKA the End of Mini-Retirement

Heigh ho

It’s back to work I go…

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Remember just a few short weeks ago, I was bragging about the joys and serenity of unemployment?  Well, dear readers, as of about two weeks ago, those days are officially over.  After ten weeks and one day, May 30th to be exact, I returned to the working world.  I really didn’t mean to, honest, it just sort of happened.  In the words of the great (yet corrupt) Don Corleone, I was made an offer that I just couldn’t refuse.  Yes, I know what the line actually is people, I can Google it like everyone else, but I had to work around syntax and tense and all that fun grammatical stuff that we all take for granted.

When I left my previous position, I knew what part of the media world that I wanted to be in and this role is exactly where I need to be to grow the way the market is dictating.  The person that I report into is someone that I respect immensely.  It’s in a great area of the city.  The people seem nice and there is more of a work/life balance so I’ll have the time to pursue some of my other interests.  Most importantly, it’s the big change that I desperately needed and there is a learning curve to keep me interested.

Being unemployed was one of the busiest times of my life.  As I mentioned, I said yes to every invitation that came my way and that is the best advice that I can give anyone seeking a new job.  Here is a quick snap shot of where I netted out in my mini-retirement:

  • Digital Marketing Certificates completed – almost one (June 17 is the day)
  • Workshops taken – 3
  • Industry events – 1
  • Volunteer interviews – 1
  • Part-time jobs taken – 1
  • Dance classes attended – 13
  • Webinars participated in – 7
  • Lunches out – at least 30, yes 30 (I’m not counting any other social activities since I’m highlighting things that I didn’t take the time for before).  It was all about saying yes
  • Theme days completed – 2 (Gift Card Day and TV Day – I ran out of time for the others and I was sick and needed to get over it quickly so I’m counting that as TV Day).  Need a refresher – here’s the explanation https://jillschnei.wordpress.com/2017/05/01/the-serenity-of-unemployment/
  • Movies seen – 0 – can you believe it?
  • Days where I just did nothing – 2 – but I was sick
  • Days where I sat on my “What Will Become of Me” couch and thought about what will become of me – 0
  • Days where I felt like I was doing the most important thing that I could be doing at that moment in time? 71
  • Days of disappointment and worry – 0 (about getting a job that is)

I’m so grateful for the time that I had off.  I’m grateful to the many people that reached out to me – some of you were real surprises!  I’m also grateful for my new role.  I always said that when I’m ready, a job will find me.  I guess I was ready sooner that I thought.