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I’m a Ponderer…

I was thinking about stress – one of the nasty health saboteurs that Dr. Oz constantly warns us about.  Managing stress is a very complicated matter and we all deal with it differently.  Some of us disengage, and I’ve done this.  Some of us vent and get matters out in the open and I’ve done this.  Some lose sleep as they let things run through their minds and I’ve done this.  Some of us read self-help books to cope and I’ve done this.  Some of us make healthy lifestyle decisions like exercising and I’ve done this (not as often as I should).  Lastly, some just have that annoyingly positive attitude that makes you want to lose your cookies – I’ve NOT done this.

Even though I’ve written about stress (and it’s contribution to inflammation), I’ve been thinking and pondering that perhaps my November theme should be stress management.  Dr. Oz seems to have some valuable tools to help with it, and I’ve been dealing with a bit of stress and I’d like to get the “Whiz-ard’s” advice on how to reduce this happiness killer.  I know that there is no magical formula, but who doesn’t want to lead a healthier, happier life?  Well, maybe the odd Debbie Downer and Petey Pessimist…

I do always remind myself of all that I have to be grateful for, and today is no exception.  I’m truly grateful to live in a country as great as Canada.  It was a trying week last week, with a shooting and at our National War Memorial (resulting in the death of a soldier) and our Parliament, but watching our party leaders embrace each other the day after it happened as they returned to work was such a lovely and humane moment.  It reminded me that no matter how much we may disagree with someone, at the end of the day, when times are tough, we can still embrace each other and move forward.

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Decluttering, Whole Foods Redux and Hooray for Mindy!


Another productive day in the quest to declutter my house and mind providing a feeling of wellness – at least that’s the plan.  Today, I relieved myself of two pairs of shoes, 1 sweater, 1 sweatshirt, 1 exercise top, 1 old calendar, 1 disc man (and it’s not even throw back Thursday), 3 magazines, a book and a few miscellaneous items that had their day.  I’m so close to finishing the first half of this project – I’m giving myself two more weeks before moving on to phase 2.  I’m also at the point where I’ve collected a whole bunch of items that need to go on Craigslist or Kijiji and it’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about that.  Today, I finished all of my shoes (I have a closet with quite a few pairs that needed to be organized.  I realized something very important – I really don’t need any more shoes.  I have plenty that I haven’t even slipped onto my feet yet.  I’ll covet some for sure, and it will be hard to not buy any, but I think I have to put myself on a one year shoe moratorium.  The only thing that I’m allowing myself, if they are on sale, is one more pair of winter boots.  Other than that, I’m Shoeless Jill until  January 2, 2016.  The sacrifices I make in the interests of simplifying my life are astounding and as painful as it will be, I will stay strong #firstworldproblems.

The next topic for the day is my trip to a brand new Whole Foods that opened a month ago in my area.  I laugh and scoff at the people that shop (and work) at Whole Foods – my niece is the exception (mostly because she doesn’t work there anymore), but I decided to give it another chance since it’s so close by.  For more of my thoughts on Whole Foods, please check out this entry from my blog’s infancy https://jillschnei.wordpress.com/2014/01/16/50-weeks-to-go/ – they haven’t changed at all.  I was pleasantly surprised though, by how nice the customers and the staff were at this location.  Gone was the pretentiousness that I had experienced at the other location that shall not be named (Hazelton Lanes).  It  was replaced with random acts of kindness and a nice little location.  I also liked that some of the foods were clearly labelled as being GMO free which is something that at this point is important to me – who wants genetically modified produce?  It wasn’t all perfect though – it was a bit expensive (expected), the produce wasn’t as beautiful as I would have liked, and there wasn’t enough grown on location in Canada for my liking.  There was also a HUGE end of coconut oil, that artery clogging oil!  Not only was it on sale, so you can save money while taking your life in your hands, but they also had a coconut oil cooking spray.  Just in case you do want to buy some, it was a great price, but so are Cheetos, and I’m hoping you won’t be buying those anytime soon.

Whole Foods, how about having an entire end of the oil that is scientifically proven to help you live a healthier life – Olive Oil? It was far more expensive than coconut oil, but it’s what’s going into my grocery cart.  I know that I will have to listen to people extolling the virtues of coconut oil, but other than the fact that it tastes great and you can cook it at a higher temperature, there is no reason to eat it.  I know I’m competing with homeopaths and even Dr. Oz on this, but it’s a fact – I did my research (hours of it) check it out https://jillschnei.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/cuckoo-for-coconut-oil-no-way/

Last, but not least, on my list today, is something to be grateful for.  One of my sisters FINALLY watched “The Mindy Project” – my top favourite show ever.  She said it was hilarious, which means that I was right – and who doesn’t like to be right?  It also means that the show has one more fan.  All I want in life is to make sure that this very funny show doesn’t get cancelled, so if you have a sense of humour, try it!  It’s hilarity is something to be grateful for.

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A Small Smattering of Things


Did you really think I wouldn’t declutter this weekend?  My project for the week was two shelves with boxes of memories – cards, maps, programs letters, etc.  I went through them and while I didn’t toss everything I did get rid of 82 cards (you heard me), 8 theatre programs, one menu and assorted other things that I had no clue why I was keeping.  Was it hard to ditch these precious memories?  Um..no – especially the thank you card from my grade 6 teacher Mrs. Melanson.  She was a real 5 letter word that rhymes with hitch.  Never liked her, and frankly, I don’t think she liked me either.  Good thing I don’t hold a grudge huh?  I realized as I was going through these items that there wasn’t one thing in that whole pile that I had an attachment to.  I still have a huge amount of cards that people have given to me – they are the things that I’m sentimental about and I’m ok with that but if I can’t remember who the person is why hang on to it?

In other news, I took Dr. Oz’s Breast Cancer Awareness Quiz – try it for yourself http://www.doctoroz.com/quiz/breast-cancer-awareness-quiz  I’m humiliated to say I only got 70% on the quiz.  You know which question stumped me?

How many minutes should you spend on each breast in order to correctly perform a breast self-exam?  I won’t ruin it by telling you the answer, but it’s WAAAYYYY longer than I ever assumed or could imagine myself examining one of the girls.  I know that it’s a serious matter, but I don’t know how you spend that much time on just one boob.  I’m glad I took the test, because it reminded me that I have to schedule my second annual trip to the doctor and to schedule my mammogram.

Last, but not least, on my list, it’s time for my moment of gratitude.  Today, I’m grateful that I had an ok day.  It was nothing special, but it was just fine and sometimes, that’s absolutely enough to make me happy.

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Embracing Emotion


My grandmother at 18.

In “You Being Beautiful”, Drs. Oz and Roizen write the following: “Our goal here shouldn’t be to ignore emotions when they come up – whether we are reacting painfully to the loss of a loved one…Our goal should be to observe emotions – and learn to think with these emotions to help give our lives even deeper meaning.” (page 321).  Today is the anniversary of my grandmother’s death and it seemed an appropriate time to finally write something all about her so that I’m not ignoring the emotions that I feel.  My eldest sister has asked me for a long time why I don’t write about her.  I think she knows…she is intuitive in a way that very few people are, even if she doesn’t know it herself.  I haven’t written a full entry on my grandmother, because it’s so painful for me to write about her in the past tense that I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

In February, I wrote about my grandfather, https://jillschnei.wordpress.com/2014/02/10/a-true-gift/ and it was so much easier talking about him, maybe because I lost him at such a young age.  My Bobbi (that’s how she spelled it – some spell it Bubbie – either way, it’s Yiddish for grandmother) was my perfect person, the one that I related to and adored the most.  I can tell you a million reasons why, but probably the biggest reason is that what I got from her was unconditional love.  It was demonstrated in the small things that she did that seemed huge at the time.  It was when my sisters and I would visit her (she lived in Ottawa, we lived in Nova Scotia) and she would light up when she saw us come in the door.  It was the fact that she always made the same welcome lunch when we’d visit – baked macaroni and cheese, just slightly overdone exactly like we liked it, with a pitcher of chocolate milk in the refrigerator and her amazing home made chocolate cake for dessert.  It was knowing that she’d have our favourite cereal that we couldn’t get at home in her cupboard.  It was the way every day that we were there, she had something else baked for us.  You can have your grandparents that spoil you with diamonds, my grandmother spoiled us with love and that was her answer for everything.  I would ask her why everything that she made tasted so good and her answer was always the same, “Because I made it with love.”  And I knew that she did.

When my sisters would go to sleep away camp, I’d get my grandmother all to myself for 7 weeks (well, my mother was there too, but I was #1).  These were some of the best times of my life.  We’d go for walks every day – mostly so that my grandmother could take me for a treat – she was worried that I was too skinny.  Thanks Bobbi – you’ve more than taken care of that childhood problem.  As we would walk by, I’d see her greet her neighbours.  They looked so much older than she did – my Bobbi looked young with hardly any grey in her hair, even though she never dyed it.  I finally had to ask her why all of her friends were senior citizens.  I had never seen her laugh so hard or be so flattered.  She loved telling people that story, because even if I didn’t know it,  she was part of that club.  She was the grandmother who found us all so charming that we could do no wrong in her eyes and in return, in my eyes at least, she was and still is perfect.

Leaving her was so painful for me, or having her leave when she would come for a visit.  I’d sit in her lap, crying inconsolably.  When I got too big for her to hold, she’d give me a big hug and tell me that she had to go because she loved her home.  She would recite a little poem from a ceramic iron that she bought in Bermuda to help me understand “My house is small, no mansion for a millionaire.  But there is room for love and there is room for friends.  That’s all I care.”  I have that iron sitting next to me as I write this entry.  She loved her house, I think, because that was where she spent her married life with my grandfather and she adored him.  She never stopped missing him and her house was where her memories of him were the strongest.  I shouldn’t call it a house though, it was home for all of us.

I could spend all day listing all of the things that she did with me like taking me to the very fancy (at least in my eyes) Green Valley with my great aunt for lunch or playing games with me or just reading to me.  I could tell you how she watched the best TV shows – Wonder Woman, Matt Houston, Charlie’s Angel’s or best of all – The Golden Girls!  We would watch that show and laugh together every single time.  She thought Sophia was a hoot.  I could tell you how she was a lady, and carried herself like royalty.  Even when people see her picture, they think she looks like a queen.  I could tell you that she never had an unkind word for anyone, although I’m sure she felt hurt at times, she never showed it.  I could tell you that her house could pass a white glove test.  I could tell you that even though she was ill at ease around dogs, she would always give my dog a careful little pat of the head – and he was very gentle with her because he could tell how nervous she was.  I could tell you that whenever we’d get up after reading together that she would always give me a hug that my mother would always walk in on and spout “Oh – the pals”.  In her defence, when I was growing up, I had a duo photo frame filled my two favourite people – my Bobbi and my dog.  Stiff competition and I’m sure that must have hurt her feelings.  Sorry Mummy.

I could tell you a million little things about my grandmother but it would never explain how much I miss her every single day.  It would never explain how I would give anything to spend just a little bit of time with her.  It would never explain how even today, so many years after she has gone, I still wish I could hear her say “Jilly, come to Bobbi” when I was crying and how it would make everything better.  It would never explain how much I wish I was more like her but she was in a class by herself.

Today, I am grateful that my Bobbi never had to leave the home that she loved and that she was never so sick that she had to change her life.  The day she died, she went for tea with her friends, visited with her beloved nephew, watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and then felt sick and had to go to the hospital.  She never suffered.  I can’t tell you how grateful that I am that I had her for 17 years of my life.  It was a gift.

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I Have A Pulse and I’m Proud!


Image courtesy of Google Images.

I was scanning doctoroz.com for something new and fresh to blog about when I came across “Dr. Oz’s New Health Rules” – check it out to try some of the tests on yourself http://www.doctoroz.com/gallery/dr-ozs-new-health-rules.  They are three simple things to try to help you gauge how healthy you are and to prevent dehydration.  Here is a quick snap shot:

  • Take your pulse daily to check for irregularity.  If you have any irregularities, then see your doctor right away.  I checked mine and it was boringly steady but maybe just a tad fast.  If you have never taken your pulse before, or just don’t think you have one (believe me, I’ve questioned whether some people were truly alive before, they were just so sedate) it’s easy!  I usually check my wrist (your radial artery if you are a fancy pants).  It’s on the thumb side just at the base where the wrist meets the base of your hitchhiker digit (sorry, I just didn’t want to repeat thumb twice in the same sentence).  Use the pads of two fingers and you should find it quickly.  If you can’t find it, keep trying by moving your fingers slightly up or down.  There is a slight hollow where I find mine.  If you still can’t find it, you are hopeless and should be ashamed.  Or you can just Google how to take it.
  • Throw out BMI and try Dr. Oz’s Body Quotient.  Dr. Oz’s equation takes things like your age and weight distribution into account in his equation.  This includes waist circumference because we all know that belly fat is bad fat.  Of course, that’s where I gain my weight lucky me!  Your number should be 0 but if it’s not (and mine isn’t) – all hope is not lost, you just have try Dr. Oz’s belly melt which I’ll blog about another day.
  • Drink when you are thirsty.  This is a simple little trick, but it makes perfect sense instead of following the 8 glasses of water a day.  That old tip doesn’t take into account things like heat, exercise and I’m sure that a bigger person may need more water than a smaller person – it can’t be one size fits all.  By drinking when you are thirsty, you are letting your body dictate when it’s the right time to take a drink, not trying to use some arbitrary number.  This makes perfect sense to me – thanks Dr. Oz!

I am in so much pain today – my massage therapist told me that my back is a bit of a mess, but I can still find things to be grateful for.  Today, I’m grateful that I was able to book a getaway to visit friends in North Carolina.  I’ve never been there, so I’m really excited, but even more excited about seeing people that I only get to see once a year.

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Organized Hair-iness


Today is one of those days where I feel like covering two topics.  One is another episode in “Reformed Hoarders” and the next is something a little hairier.  Having gotten rid of reams of paper in my big office move inspired me to tackle some papers stored neatly in my room.  That was the job for today, along with my jewellery box and my hair doodle drawer.  I’m one of those sentimental people that likes to hold on to every card, note, and even test that I’ve ever gotten and today was about getting rid of some of those memories plus tossing a few other goodies here and there.

As I reviewed tests and essays from high school and university, I was struck by one thing – what was the purpose in holding on to these memories?  Was it so I could look back and feel smart – because I didn’t feel any smarter looking at them today.  Was it the fear that someone may ask me to trace the flow of blood through a frog’s circulatory system, because I haven’t been asked this question since Grade 12 Biology and somehow, I don’t think it’s going to be coming up again.  I’m probably not going to get many questions about my paper on the Political Economy of Canada either.  Like many other things, these all got tossed along with various versions of my resume (many that I was hanging on to were hopelessly out of date).  The picture just don’t do it justice – I easily got rid of about 500 sheets of paper (or more).  I did keep a few cherished assignments, but most didn’t make the cut.  Here is a quick list of a few other things that were tossed today:

  • 1 pair of pants
  • 2 bracelets (ugly and I’ve never worn them)
  • 1 watch – it was falling apart and there was no point in trying to donate it
  • 6 pairs of earrings – I never wear them or I get ear infections from them
  • 5 orphan earrings – much like my orphaned socks, their mates were never coming back and it was time to accept that
  • 1 box of candles – a thoughtful, yet really ugly gift that it was time to get rid of
  • hair elastics, clips and other hair accessories too numerous to count
  • 1 mirror
  • 1 bottle of dried up shoe polish

Again, it was all very cleansing and the extra room in my cupboard is also very nice.

Now on to a little fun Dr. Oz Test I tried.  It was to see how healthy my hair was.  It’s a simple test – you just pull about enough hair that would fit in a straw.  Start at the base and gently pull up and see what’s in your hand.  I had no hair come out and this is a good thing.  As we age, our bodies don’t produce hair as often, so you lose strands more often.  If you happen to do the test and say get three or more hairs, you are aging a little faster than you may want to.  Check out the video from doctoroz.com for more information – http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/could-antibiotics-meat-be-making-you-sick?video_id=3819362833001.  Being a bit obsessive about my hair, I did this test over and over again, and not one piece came out.  My next goal is to stop myself from repeating this test every single day.

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada and as always, I do have a lot to be grateful for.  Mostly I’m grateful for my family and friends.  I am also grateful to be learning a couple of important life lessons through this blog.  That memories can be captured in ways that don’t require physical proof and that throwing away a few papers isn’t going to diminish my good (or bad) memories.  It’s just going to create more space which will ultimately relieve stress and allow me to focus on the here and now.  If you aren’t living in the past, which I never do anyway, stop hanging onto things that aren’t even important reminders of it…those little words of wisdom exhausted me, so until tomorrow, I remain…

Gratefully yours,


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Movin’ On Up

I’m relocating desks this week – from the 7th floor to the 11th floor.  I’m happy that it’s 7/11 – just like the store…only different.  Like most people, moving desks can be a bit of a trial, especially when it’s ridiculously busy at work.  As mentioned, it’s back to living to work, instead of working to live.  I realized this week that part of the problem is really the number of meetings that I go to each and every day.  Tomorrow, I have 8 starting at 9am.  Yes, 8 and I have to try to get some work done in between.  Not that I’m complaining.  Ok – I am a little.

So what’s the upside of the busy week (weeks really) that I’ve been having?  I’ve taken my decluttering project on the road and as I’ve been packing boxes, I’ve been streamlining my work belongings, much like I’ve done with my closets at home.  So far, I’ve ridded myself of:

  • one pair of shoes that I leave at the office – it was time
  • 5 small recycling bins filled with files
  • Several magazines
  • Unlimited amounts of paper
  • Several posters (we give them out to agencies)
  • 3 notebooks filled with scribbles that I no longer refer to
  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition Keychains (again, agency giveaways).  The show has been off the air for years – what was I keeping them for?
  • An outdated free face cream that I never got around to taking home
  • A really ugly lunch bag that feels like diapers

I still have a two small drawers and one big box left, but it has been very cleansing.  I even threw out a few more things as I unpacked my boxes.  It’s really hard to count out the number of items, but lets just say, it would fill a big blue box of recycling.  It may have taken a forced move, but another area of my life is getting organized.  This is one of the best of my little Oz projects.  It’s really helped me evaluate and let go of things that once seemed important.

I won’t miss anything that I just threw out, but I will miss my little desk – I spent countless hours there.  As I packed today, I pondered the important questions that have been plaguing me – who am I?  Well, it’s on my name plate – Jill Schneiderman.  Where am I going in life?  I guess to my new floor.  Where do I belong?  See previous answer.  How did I get here?  On the subway – with the annoying humming passenger in the morning and the annoyingly loud women on the way back.    And here is the BIGGIE – why in the heck do I have 9 pairs of shoes at work?  SERIOUSLY –  I hardly put them on.  What a waste of space – they are staying there, but still…Tune in tomorrow for more of my deep thoughts…and I’ll still be…

Gratefully yours (especially since my eye didn’t twitch once today),


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In the Twitch of an Eye

eye twitch

Geepers creepers, where did I get twitching peepers?  For the last week or so, my right eye has been twitching.  Never being a medical alarmist, I didn’t think twice about it until it got totally annoying.  I decided to check into what my good, imaginary friend, Dr. Oz had to say about the topic.  Some of his videos on the doctoroz.com website didn’t work, so Share Care it was for me.  I got these little nuggets of information – the truth about twitches if you will:

  • You shouldn’t worry if they last less than a week
  • Go see a doctor if your eye closes all the way
  • You should also visit one if there is any discharge from the eye
  • It usually resolves itself on it’s own

They say that the twitches tend to happen when you are stressed, which I am or fatigued – guilty as charged.  I did notice a big improvement today and I never did have the “you should head to the doctor” symptoms.  I guess it’s resolving itself, but it did remind me of my vow earlier in the year to work to live and unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, it’s been a bit of a live to work time in my life.  I do recognize that I need more rest and that perhaps it’s time to listen to some more Deepak – again, I’m not a meditation fan, but he is so nice to listen to that I fall asleep and getting more rest is important when you are feeling stressed – right?

This post is quick – like my eye twitch, but how much can I really write about so small a problem?  I’ll just end it now with a little note of gratitude because I had a not so bad day.  It was busy as always, but I got a free coffee today – a plus!  I got to see a good friend today for lunch – another plus and I got to write for you (and me) finally after a little delay.  A plus for me, so I continue to be…

Gratefully yours,


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What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Image courtesy of newyorkdailynews.com

I felt sorry for Kim Kardashian when she was pregnant.  I really did – people were horrible to her.  She gained weight, but hello!  she was with child.  You can’t pick on her for gaining weight, and if you looked at her swollen feet, all the mean girls would get that a lot of it was water weight.  I’d never make fun of her for that, but her fashion choices are fair game and at best, they are questionable.  I think that Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy is having a good laugh at her expense – seriously.  he’s thinking about the profit he makes on the skimpy clothes that he sells her for ridiculous prices.  Shove a piece of lace over a pair of underwear and you’ve got yourself couture Kimmie.  What’s really wrong with this picture, though, is the expression on her beautiful daughter’s little face.  The poor kid is wearing a very grown up little outfit that is probably really uncomfortable and really, it’s every little girl’s right and obligation to wear a frilly pink dress.  It was my favourite thing to wear when I was little.  I seriously don’t have a problem with Kim Kardashian.  What I do have an issue is that she is trying to be something that she’s not.  She used to be a fun, smiley girl.  Now that she is Mrs. “Yee-zus” West, she  takes her self a little too seriously.

According to my very genuine mentor, Dr. Oz’s website, Sharecare, here are some universal positive values that are respected by all: Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Sincerity, Humility, Enthusiasm, Dedication, Dependability, A sense of humour Open-mindedness.  Being genuine and true to yourself should also be in the list, and I think Ms. KKW’s problem is she lacks most of these really important qualities and she’s passing that down to her daughter.  Poor thing – I’ve never seen a picture of her smile.  I’d be a little grumpy is I had Kanye’s genes in me too – what kind of man checks to see why a guy in a wheelchair doesn’t even try to get up at this genius’s show?  Her father is not necessarily disingenuous, but he certainly isn’t going to win any sensitivity awards.

It does make you think though about whether we (that’s the royal we) embody most or all of those traits.  I’m not going to tell you if I do or don’t (ok – I pretty comfortable in the fact that I do – and frankly, the most important people in my life also embody these), but why not think about whether you do.  Maybe the people that we should admire aren’t the celebrities and public figures that we perhaps have too much regard for.  Maybe it’s the people closer to home that we should be spending more of our time on and with.  That’s me using Kimye to be deep.

Today, I am once again grateful that everything that I ever needed to know in life, I could learn from the Kardashian’s.

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I Was Thinking…


…which is why I look so scared in the picture : )  BTW – my nose looks HUGE – please remember that objects in photos aren’t always as large as they appear.  I know that the camera adds ten pounds, but did it all have to go to my schnoz?  I digress, this is where I’m going to start getting deep.

I was reading some blogs that were fabulous and inspiring and some that question whether they even have the right to call themselves bloggers.  Um…you write several times a week, on a dedicated page that’s all about you – what do you think you are?  I am not deep enough to question such things or even to try to inspire you, my readers.  I’m the youngest in my family, and if I’ve learned one thing through the years…wait for this…it’s a really important lesson…IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!!!!  I have a feeling that my two sisters would agree.  I LOVE being the baby of the family.  I love being doted on to this day by my Mommy and two big sisters.  I love the way that they worry about me.  I love the way that they take care of me.  I love the way that they laugh at all of my hilarious jokes.  I love…oh no – I started writing fiction!  Although some may disagree, I’m not the coddled youngest.  What I do think that I have going for me is that I know myself and I don’t try to be what I’m not.  If I entertain you, I’m thrilled.  I’m beyond grateful for every like and follow.  I also get humbled when I read some of my followers blogs.  They are the ones you should be going to to be inspired.  They face challenges far greater than mine (probably with a better attitude as well).

I was disappointed in myself this month for not being able to exercise as physically and mentally as I would have liked.  Physically, in addition to the ridiculously annoying plantar fasciitis in my right foot, my left foot was aching all month.  While I was beating myself up, I forgot about the fact that I still went to my trainer every week and I still walked as much as humanly possible.  Mentally, I get a workout at my job, but Monday – Friday, I do crossword puzzles from our free daily newspaper on the subway ride to work.  According to Dr. Oz (from doctoroz.com), they work both the visual and language areas of your brain while combining decision-making and motor coordination.  They can also help prevent diseases like dementia later in life (again, according to the good doctor).   He has a pretty interesting little exercise as well – it looks easy, but the mind can play tricks on you.  Click here Exercise Your Mind to test it out.

After all that’s happened this month, I’m grateful to move onto October and for “The Mindy Project” – the funniest show on TV.  There are so many things that I want to write about, so I’m going to keep the theme for the month simple, yet pretentious, like my good friend Gwyneth Paltrow (remember her?). It will be “Un Peu De Tou” – a little of everything for you non-French speaking peasants.  I say that with love…and as always, I remain…

Gratefully yours,