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It’s Snot Fair


Image courtesy of rhymes.yakaberry.com

We all hate being sick and I’m feel rather babyish right now.  I’ve tried everything to get the sleep that I need to get rid of this nasty virus that I have but to no avail!  I toss and turn all night, coughing and sneezing.  My sinuses feel like they are about to explode.  My lungs feel raw – like someone sanded them down with an emery board.  My nose is beyond red – in fact, I think the skin is falling off.  My eyes are small are weepy.  Ok – they are always small and weepy, but still!  I’m just an ugly sick person.  I’ve gone on about this before, but this time, I look even worse!  I look like I have two black eyes and I can’t even blame it on Jian Ghomeshi – sorry – too soon for that one?  It’s all just snot fair!

Today, in keeping with trying natural remedies, I not only bought RICOLA (image me in my newly raspy voice yodelling this) but I remembered that I also have a nasal irrigation system!  Pretty hot huh?  I bought this last year on the advice of two of my work friends and it really helped with last year’s cold.  I used it tonight.  Don’t be afraid to try it, but read the directions and follow them exactly and for heaven’s sake, speak to a pharmacist just to make sure it won’t cause you any problems.  You have to use distilled water.  It was the first time I ever sought out Dasani water, I’ll tell you that.  You basically squirt half a bottle of liquid up one nostril, then do the same to the other.  I’m not going to lie – it feels like you jumped into a pool without plugging your nose, and it’s a little weird, but it worked for me last year.  So far…there is just a teeny little difference, but I’ve only done it one time.  Here is a more professional definition of this sexy little cold remedy from Dr. Oz’s Sharecare.com:

“Nasal irrigation is a technique some people use to help with chronic sinus or allergy problems. Essentially, it is a process using a saltwater solution to flush out the nostrils (or nasal cavities). There are several products used to do this, the most basic including bulb syringe, squeeze bottle or neti pot. The fluid flows into one nasal cavity through to the other nostril. The idea behind nasal irrigation is to help thin out any mucous and debris in the nose and help the nasal cilia (tiny hair-like structures in the nose that defend against infectious materials) to work better. Overall, nasal irrigation has been shown to be an effective way to relieve sinus symptoms. It may be used instead of, or in addition to, other treatments such as antibiotics or nasal steroids.” (University of Nevada School of Medicine)

UGH – just hearing about nasal debris makes me shudder.  I’d rather do this though than take medicine that doesn’t work and I refuse to take antibiotics until further notice.  We become too reliant on them and you have to have a bacterial infection for them to be effective.  To get some sleep, I’m going to avoid cough syrup and stick with herbal tea and honey.  The honey does seem to help a little and according to doctoroz.com, it naturally suppresses coughs.  I also found the following information on the good Dr. – “One of the many soothing properties of raw honey is its ability to help provide sleep relief. Honey may help facilitate the action of tryptophan, which helps make people sleepy. Plus, if you are suffering from a cough that keeps you up at night, a teaspoon of honey could help soothe your throat while you sleep.”  It’s also supposed to boost immunity.  Wish me luck and even though I’m feeling miserable, I will very soon be healthy and…

Gratefully yours,