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Decluttering, Whole Foods Redux and Hooray for Mindy!


Another productive day in the quest to declutter my house and mind providing a feeling of wellness – at least that’s the plan.  Today, I relieved myself of two pairs of shoes, 1 sweater, 1 sweatshirt, 1 exercise top, 1 old calendar, 1 disc man (and it’s not even throw back Thursday), 3 magazines, a book and a few miscellaneous items that had their day.  I’m so close to finishing the first half of this project – I’m giving myself two more weeks before moving on to phase 2.  I’m also at the point where I’ve collected a whole bunch of items that need to go on Craigslist or Kijiji and it’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about that.  Today, I finished all of my shoes (I have a closet with quite a few pairs that needed to be organized.  I realized something very important – I really don’t need any more shoes.  I have plenty that I haven’t even slipped onto my feet yet.  I’ll covet some for sure, and it will be hard to not buy any, but I think I have to put myself on a one year shoe moratorium.  The only thing that I’m allowing myself, if they are on sale, is one more pair of winter boots.  Other than that, I’m Shoeless Jill until  January 2, 2016.  The sacrifices I make in the interests of simplifying my life are astounding and as painful as it will be, I will stay strong #firstworldproblems.

The next topic for the day is my trip to a brand new Whole Foods that opened a month ago in my area.  I laugh and scoff at the people that shop (and work) at Whole Foods – my niece is the exception (mostly because she doesn’t work there anymore), but I decided to give it another chance since it’s so close by.  For more of my thoughts on Whole Foods, please check out this entry from my blog’s infancy https://jillschnei.wordpress.com/2014/01/16/50-weeks-to-go/ – they haven’t changed at all.  I was pleasantly surprised though, by how nice the customers and the staff were at this location.  Gone was the pretentiousness that I had experienced at the other location that shall not be named (Hazelton Lanes).  It  was replaced with random acts of kindness and a nice little location.  I also liked that some of the foods were clearly labelled as being GMO free which is something that at this point is important to me – who wants genetically modified produce?  It wasn’t all perfect though – it was a bit expensive (expected), the produce wasn’t as beautiful as I would have liked, and there wasn’t enough grown on location in Canada for my liking.  There was also a HUGE end of coconut oil, that artery clogging oil!  Not only was it on sale, so you can save money while taking your life in your hands, but they also had a coconut oil cooking spray.  Just in case you do want to buy some, it was a great price, but so are Cheetos, and I’m hoping you won’t be buying those anytime soon.

Whole Foods, how about having an entire end of the oil that is scientifically proven to help you live a healthier life – Olive Oil? It was far more expensive than coconut oil, but it’s what’s going into my grocery cart.  I know that I will have to listen to people extolling the virtues of coconut oil, but other than the fact that it tastes great and you can cook it at a higher temperature, there is no reason to eat it.  I know I’m competing with homeopaths and even Dr. Oz on this, but it’s a fact – I did my research (hours of it) check it out https://jillschnei.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/cuckoo-for-coconut-oil-no-way/

Last, but not least, on my list today, is something to be grateful for.  One of my sisters FINALLY watched “The Mindy Project” – my top favourite show ever.  She said it was hilarious, which means that I was right – and who doesn’t like to be right?  It also means that the show has one more fan.  All I want in life is to make sure that this very funny show doesn’t get cancelled, so if you have a sense of humour, try it!  It’s hilarity is something to be grateful for.