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For those of you that read my blog regularly, you know I try to end on a note of gratitude.  Dr. Oz likes us to be grateful saying that it’s good for your health.  I’ve seen quite a few “Five Days of Gratitude Challenges” on Facebook – it’s nice to see people think of all of the positives in their lives.  It’s uplifting, it’s wonderful, it’s…nauseating.  I’m having one of those months where the stars just don’t seem to be aligned, so I thought, why not embrace it and write down 25 things that I’m not grateful for.  I’d rather vent and call it like I see it, than try to be so FREAKING grateful for the fact that I’m living.  Yes, everyone is entitled to a day or two when they get to be a Debbie Downer and today’s the day for me.  Here are the first ten items on my list (more tomorrow):

  1. I’m not grateful that Joan Rivers is dead and that the idiot doctor took a selfie with her in the operating room.  She was the funniest person ever, and she had a lot of life left to live, and that, along with the dignity that she’s entitled to as a patient were taken away from her.
  2. I’m not grateful that Rob Ford has cancer, mostly because I feel too guilty to laugh at him anymore.
  3. I’m not grateful for fall.  Face it little Mary Sunshines, it doesn’t mean crisp beautiful days, it means it’s a short passage to bare trees and blustery winds.  Give me summer any day.
  4. I’m not grateful for the NFL regulations that cost me a Longchamp bag last fall (it didn’t meet their measurement requirements).  You may have taken my purse, BUT, you didn’t get to take my dignity.  Hey Steelers fans, I was going for the Baltimore Ravens anyway (not that I know anything about football). Is it wrong that I’m still holding a grudge?
  5. I’m not grateful that I forgot to watch my favourite show, “The Mindy Project” last night.  It was the season premiere and it’s the best half hour on TV!!!!  Please watch the show – I’ll be totally ungrateful if it gets cancelled.
  6. I’m not grateful for the homeless man who was totally ungrateful himself.  I left work this evening after a very long day.  A man stopped me saying that he needed a meal.  I was feeling weak, so I said, can I buy you a hot dog (it was right next to us).  He said he wanted healthy staples – ok, well, I like to eat the Dr. Oz way when I can too, so I fished a toonie (a two dollar coin) out of my wallet.  He looked at me in disgust and said, I need at least $4.50.  I said this isn’t a negotiation and I needed the money for parking.  Not only did my good deed go unpunished, but a homeless man made me feel like a cheapskate, made me lie and told me how much money to give him.  I know Pollyana, I’m lucky to have a job and the means to give away money.  Today, I didn’t feel like being grateful.
  7. I’m not grateful for Twitter.  It’s where you put something out there hoping that anyone, anywhere will answer you.  It’s kind of dumb, but you can follow me @jillschnei anyway : )
  8. I’m not grateful when I lose a Twitter follower – it’s like a tiny death every time I lose one, even though I have no clue who most of my followers are.
  9. I’m not grateful for people who bring their breakfast sandwiches or scrambled eggs on the elevator at work in the morning.  The smell nauseates me and it doesn’t make for a great start to the day.
  10. I’m not grateful for early morning meetings or calls – they suck.  Yes, I know, be grateful that I have a job.  I’ll get right on that when my alarm goes off at 5:40 tomorrow morning.

Today, I’m grateful that you read this list – and I’m hoping that you’ll tell me a few things that you aren’t grateful for!

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Some House Keeping – Literally ; Accepting the New And Ice Bucket Challenges

The death of a laptop is never an easy thing to digest.  Like grief, there are 7 steps:

  • Denial – how can it completely die?  If I press the button ten times in a row, surely it will come on…
  • Pain and guilt – Wow, this is going to hurt my wallet – what a pain.  I feel such guilt over the clothes that I bought after just investing in a laptop.
  • Anger and bargaining – Stupid laptop – why did you have to die on me?  I’ll never leave you uncharged again if you come back to life.
  • Depression, reflection and loneliness – I’m so sad I had to pay for a new lap top.  It’s so expensive.  Reflecting on it made me realize that my iPad just isn’t enough.  I feel so lonely for my old computer – knowing how to copy and paste was so nice!
  • The upward turn – but wait – this isn’t so bad – the MacBook Pro has so many great features, and it’s really user friendly and I feel cooler saying that I use a Mac instead of an HP.  Really, how many people do you hear saying “I’m an HP girl…I love my HP…”
  • Reconstruction and working through – wait – oh that’s where my pictures went…the data transfer wasn’t a big fail.  
  • Acceptance and hope – I accept that this lap top is a step up – and so pretty!  I hope that it lasts for at least 5 years1

So – I’m loving the transition and learning a new operating system.  Plus, the meditation that I’ve been doing on Dr. Oz’s advice has helped me accept the inevitability of computer death.  I’m so happy that I only have 3 meditations left and my 21 day experience is over.  Meditation is wrought with pressure for me as much as I love Doprah.  I’ll do the next one when it comes up, but I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of turning my brain off and I’m ok with that.

The next order of business is a report on my decluttering.  Here is the tally from last weekend:


  • 1 set of sheets (is that one item or two?)
  • 1 pair of shoes – beyond repair


  • 4 pairs of shoes
  • 2 skirts
  • 1 blouse
  • 1 robe
  • 1 dress
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 1 top
  • 4 sweaters
  • 1 faux fur shrug
  • GRAND TOTAL – 19 items

I still have half of a closet and 7 drawers to go through before I finish my clothing.  Two more weeks and hopefully, I can continue on with other decluttering.

Last, but not least, inspired by Dr. Oz’s fearlessness and the value of a worthy cause, I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Check out the link below.  Before you naysayers say how ridiculous the whole challenge is, please remember that ALS was not on the tip of everyone’s tongue before this social media phenomena.  It gives the spotlight to a really terrible disease that is badly in need of some help.  If it takes dumping a bucket of water on my head to help, I’m game.  Remember, cancer, heart disease and diabetes affect millions more people, but you can survive and live a long life if you, heaven forbid, are diagnosed with one of these diseases.  ALS is another story and I’m happy that this viral campaign made it top of mind for a moment in time.  

Today, like many people, I’m deeply saddened by the death of Joan Rivers.  I grew up watching her and was a fan of “The Fashion Police”.  She had chutzpah – having the guts to say what many of us thought.  I really thought she was going to live forever.  I’m grateful, today, for the laughs that she gave me over the years.  

Gratefully and a bit mistily yours,