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A DASH of Goop



Today, I must begin with what I am grateful for.  It is Gwyneth Paltrow.  Yes, the pretentious princess of all things Goop-y is what I am grateful for.  She allowed me to embrace my inner (and outer) pretention and will be my muse for this entry.  It happened with just a short title – Conscious Uncoupling.  Don’t get me wrong, I hate when a marriage ends, but who expects celebrity marriages to last and at ten years, Gwyneth and Chris Martin have practically been together forever.  What better way to announce the demise of their union with those words – I could not have written it better myself.  So today, I will be writing the entry with Paltrow poise.   I am also writing it with a fake British accent in case you were wondering.  I am listening to Shake Senora by Pitbull (I’m at the “My girl got a big old booty” part) – does that ruin my image? So catchy!   

It is with a heart full of sadness that I have decided to separate from overly processed food. I have been working hard for well over a dozen years, some of it with Lean Cuisines, some of it separated from frozen entrees, to see what might have been possible for dinner, and I have come to the conclusion that while I love frozen food, and yes even some canned soups very much we will remain separate. I am, however, and always will be fond of Diet Coke, and in many ways other artificial sweetners (although I cannot separate from Splenda). I am an eater, foremost, of incredibly wonderful vegetables and fruit and I ask for time and space and privacy to be respected at this difficult time. I have always eaten Lean Cusine and Healthy Gourmet privately, and I hope that as I consciously uncouple from all things frozen or not in season, I will be able to continue in the same manner.

As a curator of Dr. Oz’s advice, I have chosen to reveal more of DASH to you, dear reader in the hopes that you too may learn the fabulosity that is eating all of the main food groups.  As I scribed in my blog-eth, you eat from all of the main food groups for this plan of wonderous abandonment.  The plan also is said to have many benefits including, “… preventing the onset of high blood pressure…reduces the occurence of heart attacks and strokes (by 18 and 24 percent respectively)…it reduces the risk of developing heart failure by 37 percent…it reduces the development of kidney stones by 45%…it reduces the risk of developing colon cancer by 20 percent…it reduces the risk of developing diabetes…it even helps people think more clearly (The DASH Diet for Weight Loss, pages 5-6).  I am thinking much more clearly now, and have not had any of the fuzziness that I had on the Oz plan and another plus is that it reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

The basic premise of DASH is Hi-Lo-Slo: High volume, Low Calorie, Slow to Eat.  Basically, healthy foods that are low in calories, yet with enough bulk to make you feel full and take you awhile to eat so that your fullness signal can be activated.  I wrote more specifics in Tuesday’s blog, but eating fresh fruit and vegetables is important, as well as whole grains and other healthy carbohydrates.  There is a lot of fibre in this diet, therefore you should satiate your thirst with a delightful glass of aqua (water).  You should also not hoover your food.  Oops – forgot my Goopiness for a minute!  Eat slowly, chewing eat bite 35 times (ok just slow down).  They also discuss CICO – calories in, calories out – this is how people gain, regulate or lose weight.  Sound familiar?   It’s because I was on a rant yesterday about how simple this all can be for the average person – there are always exceptions. 

There is a lot of content in this book.  Here is a link that explains the food plan very succinctly http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/dash-diet-explained.  I’ll provide some more details over the weekend, but as always, kindly check with your health care practioner (Gwyneth speak for doctor) before trying any new eating plan. 

Until later, I am Goopily Yours,




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I’ve promised for awhile now that I would write about the DASH Diet.  I can’t do it in one entry so I’ll start with some basic information and let you know what I am currently doing and what I am working toward.  Remember to speak to a health care professional before you start an eating plan.  I’m a bad example because I didn’t, that’s me Rebel Without a Clue – but I’m learning.

I’ve mentioned before that I am a bit type A…so in the past when I committed to a plan, I really committed to it.  I’m still the same, but I’m seeking, as my cousin so eloquently put it in Fact or Fad, a change in lifestyle.  I want to find a way to eat healthy, unprocessed foods in a way that I can sustain for the rest of my life.  I used to be the Queen of the Lean Cuisine (looove how that rhymes), but they are very high in sodium.  Again, I do not have high blood pressure now, but you never know what the future can bring and I am at a point where I’d like to know what is in my food. 

DASH is a scientifically based and well researched way of eating written by health care professionals and there is a lot of great content in the book including menus if you are confused.  It really is based on the food pyramid above.  In Canada, we use Canada’s Food Guide and this is almost the same thing.  Let me break this down to the most simple terms directly from “The Dash Diet for Weight Loss” (page 37).  I am trying to eat about 1600 calories a day so that I can be as active as possible.  Here is what that looks like in DASH terms (all quantities are per day):

1) 4 servings of vegetables, 2) 4 servings of fruit, 3) 6 servings of grain, 4) 2 servings of dairy, 5) 1.5 servings of protein, 6) 1/4 serving of nuts, seeds and legumes, 7) 1 serving of added fat, 8) 1/2 serving of sweets.

Pretty easy to follow and they recommend keeping a food diary and even have a page in the book that you can photocopy.  It’s a great, well-balanced plan, so why am I not 100% on board?  I’m still trying to let go of the Dr. Oz Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan not because I loved it so much, but it did become a habit.  I’m slowly trying to MASH the two together into a plan that is liveable.  Let me compare what I have been doing to DASH (item by item – per day):

1) I’ve been eating about 7-8 servings of low glycemic vegetables, 2) I’ve only been eating about 2-3 servings of fruit, 3) I have been eating 6 servings of grain, but keep in mind that the DASH serving size is much smaller than you think – a 130 calorie whole grain English muffin is two servings.  I only have one serving of bread; I eat whole grains like brown rice, kasha, quinoa, or barley to make up the rest of my servings, 4) I’ve been having a Greek yogurt every day like Dr. Oz wants me to and count the milk that I use in my tea and coffee as my other serving, 5) The protein is identical to Dr. Oz’s so I either have one big chicken breast or I have 3 ounces at lunch or 3 at dinner, 6) I probably eat 1.5 servings of nuts and legumes daily and I can’t see changing that since there are so many health benefits – keep in mind though, their serving sizes are small and you really have to stick with about 12-20 almonds along with a few other nuts, 7) 1 added serving of fat – again I’m close to this but not perfect because sometimes in addition to olive oil, I have a slice (only one) of avacado, 8) 1/2 serving of sweets – this I am more diligent about – I sometimes have low sugar jam on my peanut butter in the morning or I’ll have a very small piece of chocolate (literally 2 squares of dark chocolate or one 50 calories dark chocolate truffle and I’ve only done this twice in 3 weeks.

I am getting closer to DASH, but I think for now, I’m going to stick to what I’m doing – it seems to be working and I feel so much better than I did on the 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan.  I’ll provide more insight into DASH tomorrow.  Today, I am grateful that I got to meet up with a lovely client for dinner – it was really nice to see her – it had been awhile.  I have to be up at 3:45 tomorrow for work, so not really happy about that so I must DASH off.  In spite of things…

I am gratefully yours,



New Month – New Diet (s)


March is a brand new month and with that comes a topic change – diet!  Most people have New Year’s Resolutions that start off with the best intentions, and then they fall by the wayside.  I’m a smuggly – I usually make achievable resolutions – for example, the last two years, rather than make an all-encompassing goal like lose weight, I made a pact with myself to change three bad habits a year.  In 2012, for example, I stopped drinking my beloved Diet Coke – I still miss it to this day, like an old friend, there was something comfortable about the way the can felt in my hand, soemthing soothing about the sound it made when I opened it…I’ll stop now…Last year, one of my goals was simply to have work/life balance.  I was working far too many hours, and I had to learn to put a stop to it.  It’s not to say that I don’t still work hard, but now I leave between six and seven instead of nine or ten.  It’s just not healthy and I needed to learn to enjoy my life.  Sometimes things happen that make you see how you have to make living a priority – the old work to live not live to work.  This year, it was a more general goal – make my health my biggest priority and that’s why it’s a year of living the Dr. Oz way.

I selected March as the kick off point to trying different things with my diet for several reasons.  People are inundated with diet messages in January – how many “New Year, New You” articles can you read?  I also believe that after reading a lot that there is no one solution that will work for everyone, so you (along with your health care professional) need to work on what is the best plan for you and keep any health care concerns in mind.  I have two myself – one is low iron – very easy to fix and the other is that I’m pre-diabetic, so it’s something that I need to work on.  I’ve also been feeling a bit more low energy than I used to, and feel disgustingly, uncomfortably full after I eat certain foods and am hoping that what I learn this month will help.  Make no mistake, like everything that I’ve learned to date, I’ll be continuing to incorporate what I’ve learned long after this month ends.

To that end, there will be two Oz recommended diets that I’ll be trying – one is Dr. Oz’s 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss http://www.doctoroz.com/slideshow/dr-ozs-2-week-rapid-weight-loss-plan-instructions?gallery=true – not because I want to lose weight quickly, but because it’s also a mini-detox and I am curious to see if I feel better on it.  It also is really easy to follow.  The other, also featured on The Dr. Oz Show is the DASH Diet – Dietary  Approaches to Stop Hypertension.  I don’t have hypertension – yet – but it does run in my family and this seems like a sensible, easy to follow plan that’s also liveable.  I’ll also be using some tips from “You Being Beautiful” and filling in with interesting ideas from “The Good Life” – Dr. Oz’s new magazine with a couple of surprises thrown in so that you don’t get bored of me writing about how my smoothies taste.