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Beauty YouTubers Glossary


Image courtesy of YouTube

Have you just started watching beauty videos on YouTube?  May you are a Jaclyn Hill Fan?  Or are Emily Noel, Tati or Stephanie Nicole more your speed?  If you are a proud Canadian, Jamie Paige or Samantha Ravndahl may ring your subscription bell.  Either way, you are going to hear things consistently from all of these lovely ladies.  There is a language that you have to get used to that is common among all of these digital celebrities that you are going to have to learn.  Once you get used to it, you can make a drinking game out of it every time they say the following:

  • Ride or Die – This was a makeup tag (basically a way for a YouTuber to start a “viral” mini-series with other YouTubers) created by Jaclyn Hill.  It’s your top of the heap, absolute favourite cosmetic item that you cannot live without.  If you got stranded on a deserted island, it’s the one thing that you would bring.  YouTubers cheat and do this by makeup category (eye shadow palettes, primers, blushes, lipsticks, bronzers, etc.).  It’s also the name of a Violet Voss eye shadow palette.
  • Holy Grail – see above.  Either way, the terms sort of annoy me, especially when you see the slightly crazy look in their eyes as they gleefully discuss these items.
  • Project Pan/Project Panner – A plan to hit pan on a number of cosmetics throughout the year.  This refers to all cosmetics even those that come in a bottle like foundation or concealer.  The beauty guru may select a set amount of products (i.e. 18 in 2018) and chart their progress for you.  They may relish in the fact that they have “hit pan” on 3 shadows out of an 18 shadow palette to meet their goal.  Like a sucker, I watch these videos.  They have at least 300 items in their collection, but I’m happy if they feel like panning a few makes it seem like they are less wasteful.  You may also hear about “pan porn” – which is about the same topic, nothing creepy.
  • Declutter – When a YouTuber goes through their make up and gets rid of items that are expired, that they don’t use or that they never liked.  This often leads to them saying…
  • I don’t reach for this – Basically, they don’t stick their fingers into their IKEA Alex drawers for a product that they don’t use very often.  This is usually something older and often seems like the Urban Decay Smokey Eyed or the old Too Faced palettes are victims of these clean sweeps.
  • Obsessed, Amazing, LOVE, So Inspired By – a dramatic way of saying that they like the product.
  • Creamy/Smooth/Buttery or Creamy, Smooth and Buttery – an eye shadow, blush or powder formula that feels like your favourite toast spread.  Not really – basically it just means that a powdery product has enough dimethicone in it to feel smooth versus dry.  It won’t feel gritty at all.
  • Limited Edition – A product that is out for a limited period of time.  Do I really need to explain this to you?  Sigh – I feel like a rocket scientist some days.
  • Swatches – The beauty expert in questions rubs their grubby fingers over the product onto their hand or arm so that you can see the colour of the shadow, blush, foundation, highlighter, concealer, lipstick, etc.  Many will then tell you that you shouldn’t go by the swatches that you see because the product will perform differently on your….eyelids, lips, brows, lashes, nose, toes, etc.
  • GRWM – Get ready with me…a chatty video where the YouTuber walks you through their makeup look for an event that they are going to and gives you information about their lives that you may or may not care about.
  • First Impression Video – A product reviewed based on the first time the Influencer is trying it out AKA self-explanatory.
  • “Please Subscribe” or “Hit the Notification Bell” – begging you to follow their channels and find out when they are uploading a new video.  In fairness to them, YouTube rules are seriously eating into how they make their living.
  • “The Product is so Pigmented” – The colour that you see in the pan contains a lot of pigments so when applied, it looks as rich on the eye, cheek or lip as it does in the pan/tube.
  • Fall Out – A minute amount of eye shadow or eye shadow glitter that may end up on your cheek when being applied.  AKA – drama for no reason.
  • Kick-Up – Similar to fall out, it’s mostly something that you hear about with eye shadows.  It’s just a small amount of powder that flies up slightly when you put your makeup brush into a shadow that is soft and/or exceptionally pigmented.  AKA – drama for no reason.  Seriously….
  • Dupe – A lower priced item that performs almost the same as a more highly priced item.
  • Haul – When the beauty guru goes to Sephora, a drug store or a similar type of place and spends obscene amounts of money on a ton of things that look like what they already have in their drawers.
  • Depot – removing your eyeshadow, blush or other makeup from their original package and putting them into a larger palette.  It sounds counter-intuitive but it takes up less space.
  • PR/Unboxing – The Influencer rubs their free product into your hard-working face.  Sorry – the YouTuber helpfully shows you the items that they received for free from the makeup public relations’ teams for them to endorse on their channels.  They give a little smug look into the camera as they gleefully say “I got this in PR” and promise to do a review of the product(s).


Image courtesy of Glamorable.com

There you have it – everything that you need to know to do what I do and waste countless hours on your iPad watching makeup videos.  Let me know if I’ve missed any of your favourite expressions or if there are more that you need me to define for you.



So, We’ve Come to the End of the Road….


In the words of the immortal band, Boyz 2 Men,  that I’ve never been a big fan of, we’ve come to the end of the road.  I’ve committed to writing this blog for a year and that time has now come to a close.  I’m not sure if I’ll continue on or not, that remains to be seen and what is life without a cliffhanger?  This year, there have been peaks and valleys.  I think I’ve learned more in the past few years, then I have in the sum total of my life and this year was no different.  Here are some life lessons for you to consider as we change calendars:

  • The worst thing to live with is regret so don’t put things off, you never know what tomorrow will bring
  • It’s better to be kind sometimes, than to be right (and it pains me to say that)
  • No matter how type A you are, some things are beyond your control (huge pain saying that too)
  • It’s ok to be selfish at times (as long as it’s not to the detriment of someone else)
  • You have to try things that are either outside of your comfort zone or that scare you – life is too short not to try things at least once
  • You know how I like to quote cheesy songs, so in the words of Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney’s “Ebony and Ivory” – there is good and bad in everyone.  I felt that I had to quote Stevie Wonder at least once since I got bored and left his concert

Here are some peaks for my year:

  • Keeping up with this blog no matter how out of control my work load was.  It helped me cross one item off of my bucket list
  • I kept my New Year’s Resolution to make my health a priority – I had a mammogram, had blood work done, and changed some bad habits (although there is still room for improvement)
  • Finding Deepak Chopra – it’s the first time I’ve connected to anything self help and although some of what he says is beyond me, or could be construed as hooey – like Dr. Oz, you can pick and choose and find out a lot of insightful information
  • The trips that I took.  The ultimate peak was hiking to a glacier
  • Knowing that I can take a cyber break and be ok (and you can too)
  • Finding something to be grateful for every single day
  • Having moments where I actually felt good again
  • The people that I spent time with including family and friends (old and new and those that I got to reconnect with)
  • Getting to watch my niece graduate from college
  • Seeing my mother at her 75th birthday party

Here are the valleys:

  • ?
  • Let’s not focus on the valleys – we all have trials and tribulations to deal with and after the trauma of 2012 and 2013, life really wasn’t so bad this year

Here is a quick summary of my Oz Journey:

Pounds lost – 17

Items banished through decluttering – 214

Items sold on Kijiji – 3

Meditations that I tried – 63

Times where I actually meditated – 1 (I think)

Bottles of probiotics used – 3

Bottles of Vitamin D used – 1.5 (they were big bottles)

Containers of flax – 3

Nuts consumed – can’t count that high, but maybe in the hundreds of thousands

Shampoo mohawks made since I found out they could damage your hair – 1 – I slipped

Times per week that I exfoliate my skin – 1 as Dr. Oz recommends

Reams of paper shredded – 1

Number of page views – almost 5,000

Number of posts that I’ve written – 176 including this one

Knowledge gained – immense

Gratitude to you, my readers – immeasurable

I wish you all good health and great happiness in 2015 and whether I continue on with this blog or not, I will forever be…

Gratefully yours,


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New Month – Are You Ready for Summer?



My apologies – for some reason, this didn’t post properly so it looks like I just put a title into my post and nothing else!  Here it is again.


Just a short post today to reveal the topic for June. If you guessed summer, you were right. The photo is courtesy of me – sunset at Santa Monica beach where summer reigns supreme all year round. Summer, is my favourite time of year and after the winter that we had, we deserve a little sunshine and heat.  I’m going to check out everything that we all need to get ready for the season, from exercise to diet to hydration and beauty (and yes, that means waxing).  I’ll see what Dr. Oz has to say about all of these topics and more.  Happy June everyone!

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It’s Too Hard to Say Goodbye…

…to “You Being Beautiful” so I’m not going to.  This isn’t a book as much as it is a guide, encyclopedia, text book and cornocopia of information and unlike most books that I have, I will be keeping it.  This month is ending very differently than how it began.  I believed that this would be a quest for perfect skin and better hair and it was.  It was also a chance for shallow little me to become reflective.  It made me think about things and write about topics that I wasn’t expecting.  In the expression curiosity killed the cat, I’m the cat.  I always need to know everything.  I’m the person who reads the last page of the book to find out “Whodunnit” or who reads “Reality Steve” to see who will get the final rose in “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” – don’t lie – I know you watch it too!  This book was different – reading ahead wouldn’t do me any good.  In fact, it would defeat the purpose since every chapter had something to think about whether it was a quiz or little nugget of advice.

Here is a small sample of the expected and unexpected topics that I wrote about:

  • Good oral health – so gratifying to know that I don’t have to go back and review this chapter.  My chompers are as good as they get – sorry – I have to brag about one thing and it’s nice to start and end on the same note
  • Exfoliating my skin – I’ve done this twice a week – just like the doctor ordered – I haven’t noticed a huge difference but I’ll be patient
  • Taking zinc for acne – not helping, but I bought it, so I’ll use the whole bottle
  • I stopped piling my hair on my head for my beloved shampoo mohawk and it does make a difference.  I save time in the morning since my hair isn’t tangled when I get out of the shower plus I have fewer split ends – who knew?
  • I stopped picking my cuticles and they are fresh and pink like they should be, but like any recovering addict, it’s one day at a time
  • Family and relationships – I wrote about my wonderful, lovely grandfather which isn’t something that I planned but that the book gave me permission to do
  • The importance of friendship in this stressful and sometimes difficult world – where would we be without them?
  • I caught the world’s shortest cold – I was in misery for a day and a half, and my mother cured me with homemade tomato soup – let’s say it together – who knew? 
  • The path to happiness – aside from writing about my Zaidy – this was by far my favourite thing to think about.  I think everyone including me needs to think about how being unselfish can bring you joy and how the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s day

The most important thing that I learned this month is that it’s impossible to do or try everything in this book.  As I wrote previously, my big AHA moment was realizing that I didn’t need to be perfect, but more mindful of what I am doing.  I also realize that changes don’t happen overnight.  I’ve learned to be a better, if not perfect sleeper by continuing on with what I learned from Dr. Oz in January.  I’m going to have to keep up with the changes that I have been making this month and isn’t that the whole point?  To make lifestyle choices that may be small, but may make a big difference over time.  There is just so much in this book, that I’m going to have to keep referring to it throughout March even though there will be a topic change and the month after.  In fact, a chapter that I haven’t even covered yet is the inspiration for my April topic.

My total spend for the month was $49.48 – this covered flax seed, zinc + copper, and Vitamin B 50.  I still have to by a Vitamin C serum and retinol cream but in the words of the immortal Scarlett O’Hara “…after all, tomorrow is another day.”  I’ll get there.  I still haven’t gotten around to meditiation and yoga and Oz loves these two forms of torture – I mean higher mindfulness.  I’ll be trying them – promise!  He also recommends keeping a gratitude journal (he is an Oprah-phile after all).  I don’t know if I’ll write down everything, but I’ll think every day about what makes me grateful.  I can tell you, my readers, that I am truly grateful to you for making the piece about my grandfather my most read entry.  Getting to share just a few memories of this wonderful man and having you appreciate it is gratifying beyond words.  THANK YOU!

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The Folding Face

I know – a weird title, but before you judge, I’ve been reading “You Being Beautiful” and true beauty, according to this epic piece of non-fiction, is all about symmetry.  I urge you to try to fold your face over and see how you do!  Seriously, the first portion of the book was very interesting, but very scientific – no hints on how not to get your pretty on.  There were even some mathematical equations that were just a bit too far over my little blond head. 

The next portion was interesting – it was your own measurement of your inner and outer beauty.  You judged yourself on looking beautiful (what the world sees), feeling beautiful (literally how you feel), being beautiful (measuring your happiness) and understanding yourself.  I got a 67…not bad huh?  Until you find out the score is based out of 160!  Before I beat myself up over my lack of self confidence, a lot of the score was based on whether a list of words that describe the current you also describe the potential you.  I only received a 6 out of 30 there because you are measured on how many of the words overlap.  Sorry – I aimed high and changed most of the words that I thought would desribe myself in the future.  Big mistake but at least I was honest.   My score was also low in the feeling beautiful which measures how much pain you are in and how much energy you have.  I have work to do in both areas. 

All in all, an interesting self analysis.  It is also the basis for this book and how you interact with it.  I’m 50 pages into this 400 page handbook.  There are a lot of helpful hints, but I’ll have to muddle through the suggestions and find ones specific to my needs because it touches upon a little bit of everything for everyone.