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Merry Christmas – Yes I’m Going to Say It

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I decided to go for the obvious…just in time for the holidays – I’ll be writing about all that’s fun and fabulous about the most wonderful time of the year.  This Jewess is going to check out what her favourite Muslim, Dr. Oz has to say about surviving the holidays – everything from healthy gift giving, spending time with loved ones, staying cold and flu free during the festive season and just anything that will inspire you to live a healthier life in 2015.  This is the last month of my year of living Oz-ily, and I’m getting a little teary-eyed.  It went by so very fast and I’ve loved writing for all of you, so for the first time, I’m not signing off with what I am grateful for – I’m opening with it.  I’m grateful to all of you for sticking with me this year.

Now on to my little soap box.  Our holiday, Chanukah will end just before Christmas – or as we like to say in our family, my sister Donna’s birthday.  Even though I do not celebrate it, I fully support and will wish anyone that I know who does partake – a very Merry Christmas.  There is nothing offensive to me about letting someone celebrate their holiday and I think it’s about time that we stop being so politically correct.  Wishing someone a happy holiday is just generic and should only be done if you don’t know what holiday the person in question celebrates.

Have we become so afraid of offending anyone that we end up offending everyone?  Let people enjoy their festive season.  What’s next – Santa Claus will be put on a diet and we’ll stop calling him “Jolly Old St. Nick” to “the very happy, mature Mr. Nicolas” because we don’t want to offend senior citizens?  I’m surprised Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is still popular, it clearly shows favouritism since Santa asked him with his nose so bright to guide his sleigh tonight.  Dasher, Dancer and Prancer’s parents are still complaining about it to the North Pole District School Board.  Are we going to be “Rocking Around the Holiday Tree?”  Is “Away in a Manager” going to be changed to “Away in Community Housing” since we don’t want to imply that there is any type of religious messaging in that Christmas Carol?

I think it’s time that we all stop being Scrooges, Grinches and the such.  I’m hoping that you are going to wish me a Happy Chanukah, because I’m definitely wishing all of my friends who celebrate it a very Merry Christmas and tough Christmas cookies if you don’t like it.

Author: Jill Schneiderman

Hello and welcome to my blog. This started as a one year experiment to try to improve my health, turning to Dr. Oz for advice. One year became two and after that, the writing bug hit and writing about travel, lifestyle and my own musings became more fun so my blog evolved from The Whiz-Ard That is Dr. Oz into Jill of Some Trades. After the death of my mother, I added grief to my list of topics and this became a place for me to remember the good, but embrace the sad as well. I'll never write about any one thing - there is just so much in the world to comment on. Life is all about crying and laughing and learning, sometimes all at once and this is what I hope that my blog is for you.

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