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Happy Birthday Bestie!

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Bad pic of me, but the birthday girl looks fab, so I’m willing to make the sacrifice.

I met my “bestie” in a huge communal washroom at a campground in Germany.  It was one of those “If it’s Tuesday, it Must Be Belgium” Contiki Tours.  I was freshly washed after my first experience with a pay-as-you-go shower.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a girl with soapy hair, crazy patterned pants and foggy glasses popped out and asked me for change for the shower, much like a homeless person.  Her first impression of me, was that I was a bit of a princess – she met me after the death of my blowdryer – two weeks without one was almost devastating to me.  I wish I could say that I knew then and there, we’d be friends for more years than I can count, but it just wasn’t my first thought.  In fact, throughout the tour, we barely hung out.  I was too busy with people from Australia and places afar.  We did hang out on the last day, when many of the Canadians were going to be on the same flight.  I still have that picture from the London Dungeon. That was when I decided – why not hang out when we get home.  One night, not too long after, we went to a gross Chinese Buffet for dinner.  We talked all night and closed down the place.  That’s when I knew that eating at buffets was kind of sickening, but also that we would be long lasting friends.

Over the years, we’ve both changed a lot of things – jobs, opinions, other friends, but my bestie has been my constant.  We’ve watched ridiculous amounts of horror movies together – who doesn’t need a little “Saw” in their life, travelled to far flung destinations – California, Greece, Innisfil (ok maybe not that far) and Australia (really, really far).  We’ve stayed in grubby hostels, nice-ish hotels and we’ve always had a blast – although I can tell you, that I’ll never go to a campground again AND hostels are very much a thing of the past for me.  Whenever I’ve had one of my hare-brained ideas (let’s do a tour of a fire station) – I’ve always had a willing accomplice.  Nobody laughs with me (and at me) quite like she does.

It hasn’t all been fun and folly.  We’ve both had our ups and downs.  When I was going through a family illness, she was there for me every step of the way – supporting me when I’d call her crying (or more embarrassing – when it would happen in public), knowing when every appointment would be to see how things were going, being there when I needed to talk, but more importantly, just treating me like she always had which gave me a little bit of normal in a bad situation.  I know we’ve both been there for each other, as friend’s should, but I’ll never be able to thank her adequately for that.  When we talked briefly about it, she simply said, you have been there for me too.

There is a true comfort in having someone know you really well – and she does.  She’s the one who pointed out that I was Type A long before I came to terms with it myself.  She knows that I’m goal oriented.  She knows what I like and hate.  She is the most easy going person in the world.  The things that I most admire about her are that she is content with life, she doesn’t need a lot (and isn’t needy), and that she is simple.  Simple doesn’t mean that she isn’t brilliant and witty – we both point out spelling mistakes in each other’s texts and emails – it means that she can be happy just people watching on a bench at a park, she can enjoy a moment, she doesn’t complicate life more than it needs to be.  She just simply gets it which means that she has an insight that most people don’t – making her upper echelon in terms of smarts.  She is my all-purpose friend who I can do anything with and have a fabulous time.  She is like family to me and always will be.

Dr. Oz did say that gratitude is important – and today, I’m grateful to you, bestie, for always being that all-purpose friend.

Author: Jill Schneiderman

Hello and welcome to my blog. This started as a one year experiment to try to improve my health, turning to Dr. Oz for advice. One year became two and after that, the writing bug hit and writing about travel, lifestyle and my own musings became more fun so my blog evolved from The Whiz-Ard That is Dr. Oz into Jill of Some Trades. After the death of my mother, I added grief to my list of topics and this became a place for me to remember the good, but embrace the sad as well. I'll never write about any one thing - there is just so much in the world to comment on. Life is all about crying and laughing and learning, sometimes all at once and this is what I hope that my blog is for you.

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