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“B” Revitalized and Cruising the High Seas

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Image courtesy of me!

Travel is my greatest passion.  Check out the picture that I took in Norway to see why.  Even though I don’t consider myself nature girl, I was in awe of the scenery on my recent cruise to Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Norway.  Like most travelers, I do suffer from jet lag.  It’s usually only really bad the first day or two when I get to my destination, and for a day or two when I get back.  I’ve been back for 3 days and I’m starting to get back to normal. I checked the Dr. Oz website for some ideas (I should have done this before leaving for my trip D’OH).  Here are some suggestions:

  • “Some research has shown that taking a good amount of stress-busting vitamins like B complex a couple days before the trip, during, and a few days afterwards can help your body cope with the stress of long-distance travel. Consider taking supplements or eat foods that are high in B-vitamins, like broccoli, beets, bananas, strawberries, eggs, brewer’s yeast, and mung beans. Also choose nuts, fish, and other foods that are high in tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps relax the nervous system.”  I’ve been taking Vitamin B pretty regularly – other than broccoli, some fish and nuts, I wasn’t able to eat (or wouldn’t eat some of the foods listed.  Mung beans sound like a weird type of beetle to me, and they didn’t really have a ton of bananas, strawberries, etc. available.  I did bounce back pretty quickly though so maybe the B supplement helped
  • “Make sure that you are exposed to plenty of natural light.”  Covered through the almost 24 hours of daylight in the North Atlantic countries that I visited.
  • “Maintain physical activity before, during, and following your trip.” I could have done more, but we did a couple of long walks and a 2 hour hike on the trip.  I walk a lot on a regular basis and I’m heading back to my trainer tomorrow!

My best tip?  Try to tough it out when you get to your destination and stay up as late as you can. I did fall asleep during the entertainment on night one on the boat, and typical for me, a stand up comedian was the featured act.  Guess who caught me catching so shut eye during his monologue.  If you guessed me, you are a smarty-pants.  Thank goodness, like any good Leo, I love being the center of attention.

Now that I am back, I have the chance to say that I am grateful for the wonderful trip that I got to go on with great company including my sister, my  cousins and my frousins (yes that means you AK and your sister GK).  You’ll be hearing a bit more about my trip until August since this month’s theme is vacations.

Until next time, I am still…

Gratefully yours,




Author: Jill Schneiderman

Hello and welcome to my blog. This started as a one year experiment to try to improve my health, turning to Dr. Oz for advice. One year became two and after that, the writing bug hit and writing about travel, lifestyle and my own musings became more fun. I'll return to the "Whiz-ard" when the feeling comes, but exploring other topics and getting to connect with new people and re-connect with old friends has been fun! Remember, any health advice you see here should be vetted with your family doctor. Any travel advice that I give though, should be followed! I am a marketing professional, working in media. This allows me to continue my obsession with all things TV and print and get paid for it. I'm an avid traveller, reader and shopper but make time for friends, family and volunteering so that I don't feel completely shallow.

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