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Contemplating Day 15 – The Beginning of the End

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The final week of meditation takes us from activating to expressing each one of the chakras.  That was the deepest line that I’ve ever written!!!  I feel so, so, so….spiritual and chak-deli-cious!  Oh sorry, I thought I was activating expression, it was really activating security.  Loved this one – mostly because I could easily pronounce the mantra using my inside voice like I was supposed to.  This week is supposed to be about transforming flow and expanding it to it’s fullest. 

Oprah ends her usual introduction with a beautiful line, “…we will light up in the fullness of who we all are and who we were meant to be.  Then, we will uplift ourselves and everyone else around us in a shared spiritual exchange.”  I was pretty lit up with fullness last night, but it may have been the fantastic Middle-Eastern dinner I ate.  As much as I like Oprah, she is literally the flight attendant of the meditation welcoming us aboard and introducing us to the pilot…

Deepak Chopra who reminded us with this meditation that our real contribution to the world is who we are inside not what wedo outside.  We affect others, everyday, with the energy that we radiate and he goes on to explain that the best effect that you can have is to radiate the energies of all 7 chakras beginning with inner peace and security.  It’s so true – you can be having the best day ever, and one Debbie Downer or Glum Gladys can put an end to your happy moment, if you let it.  Back to more meditative thoughts…This week is supposed to make these qualities “part of your well-being, bringing a sense of fulfillment that we can depend on and feel.”  Nice thought – and I think if you really try to make meditation part of your day, everyday, it can promote the sense of well-being that Dr. Oz spoke about (and Deepak and Oprah – but ultimately, this is a Dr. Oz blog).

We touched a little on self-awareness in other meditations.  DC reinforces this by stating that those who are self-aware, share their being with everyone and everything around them (kind of like Mary Tyler Moore turning the world on with her smile).  We can all create an atmosphere of positivity or negativity, but usually we do a little of each, kind of like a happy/sad buffet of feelings.  Another truth that Deepak imparts is that we choose the kind of energy that we radiate.  Although ladies, if you have ever suffered from PMS, sometimes, we don’t have a lot of choice – just saying.

We all deserve the feelings of energy, peace and basic fulfillment that the first chakra gives us (DC’s words, not mine).  You must be secure in yourself and a grounding influence to others.  It is possible to do this – as I mentioned, inner security comes as you age – when you realize that you no longer have to impress people but it can also bring you a wisdom that can be helpful to those people in your life who may need you at specific times for specific reasons (I know, self-helpy – but I was inspired).  Deepak ends with a reminder to take time and go within to centre yourself.  We are radiating not just energy, but who we are.  If we radiate peace and security, we are giving others a great gift.  Sigh – he is so lovely.  I wish we could be like that all the time, but I think that we all have to just aim to do our best and this goes back to the mindfulness that I’ve talked about before.

Speaking of the best, today, I am grateful that I got to spend some time with my sister and our one of our besties – AK planning the details of an exciting trip we are taking.  More about that when I don’t have to be rolling in the deep.

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