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An “Inflaming” Introduction



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When I start research for a blog entry, I always think great – this will be quick and easy and then I can move on to something more fun like the latest celebrity scandal.  My sister suggested I write about inflammation and it is something that I was going to look into anyway, but I didn’t expect to find so much information.  Dr. Oz is inflamed with passion about the topic.  There is just so much detail WARNING SPOILER ALERT, that I have decided to dedicate an entire month to the topic – so I’ve had to flip my May and June subjects and completely get rid of my 31 day countdown to summer.  No worries, it doesn’t look like summer is ever coming anyway and how many different ways can I use to tell you how to apply sunscreen?

My issue with discussing inflammation is that people tend to use it as a buzzword rather than the dangerous problem that it is.  Most of those people shop at Whole Foods (I’ll stop being a WFH – Whole Foods Hater) at some point, but for now, please let me have my moment!  So what is inflammation?  According to the Honor Society of Nursing, “Inflammation is your body’s natural response to destroy or get rid of dangerous substances like allergens or bacteria. Sometimes, however, your body attacks itself, leading to different parts of your body becoming inflamed. This can affect your organs and bones and cause pain, swelling, and redness.” According to Dr. Oz, it can clog up your arteries contributing to heart disease, cause cancer, diabetes and a host of other issues.  Pretty nasty stuff and worth a month of investigation, so this is just a tease about some of the details that you can expect next month.

Dr. Oz showcased four foods that can cause inflammation – and even admitted that he touted one and that this was a mistake!  Good for you Dr. Oz – he admitted this on national television – so if you are ever wrong, remember, most of us just have to admit it to the person or people that we wounded – that makes it a little easier huh?  Here are the foods that you should avoid:

1. Agave – I know you Whole Foods lovers will be up in arms over this, but it’s true and this is the sweetner that Dr. Oz admitted that he was wrong about.  His suggestion, to the delight of this proud Canadian, is to use maple syrup.  I am also proud of having North America’s most controversial mayor leading my city (Toronto).  Honour Olumpic athletes and Nelson Mandela, why bother – they are so overrated.  Olympic athletes know the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and the dedicate years of their lives to perfecting a sport and help unite nations.  Bah – so what?  Nelson Mandela, please, what’s so special about being an icon of leadership and forgiveness.  Who needs to be inspired – it’s hooey.  Here is a link in case, you aren’t familiar with his latest failing http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/04/02/rob-ford-lone-vote-against-naming-city-street-in-honour-of-nelson-mandela/. Back to maple syrup.  Yipeeee!  What a glorious day for me – I love maple syrup – one of my besties keeps me supplied with a HUGE can of this every time she goes to Quebec.  Not only is this the best tasting syrup in the entire universe, but it also has calcium and zinc!  What could be better?

2. Seasoning Mixes – Luckily, I’m a novice cook and whatever I’ve learned to make doesn’t call for “Mexican Seasonings” or any other untrustworthy, suspicious blends of MSG.  They often contain ingredients that can cause your blood sugars to spike – who knew?  The good doctor suggests using a blend of tumeric (also good for circulation), black pepper and garlic.  Not so bad, and he even suggests pre-preparing it so that it’s ready to go when you need it.

3. Vegetable Oils (corn, sunflower, etc.) – These oils are too high in Omega 6 fatty acids (not to be confused with Omega 3 fatty acids).  His easy solution – use olive oil.  I have a feeling, but haven’t looked into it yet, that coconut oil (another new, buzzy cure all) is likely a good choice too.  Again, don’t quote me, but I think coconut has a higher smoke point than olive oil, making it less likely to burn when you are cooking at high temperatures.  I love olive oil, and have a HUGE bottle that I bought for Dr. Oz’s diet, so I’ll be sticking to that for now.

4.  Frozen Yogurt – This one really hurts – you think that you are doing yourself a huge favour by eating it, you know, enjoying a lower calorie sweet treat, but now this is taken away from me too!!!!!!!  It contains sugar and a milk protein that your body cannot process and this can cause allergic reactions in some people.  On a brighter note, he does say that you can have frozen Greek yogurt with probiotics.  It’s probably hard to find, but worth a look. 

Check out the video for more information: http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/toxic-acid-takedown-fighting-inflammation?video_id=3048827598001

As always, I will be ending with what I am grateful for today…and today, I am grateful that I have until 5pm today to myself – I need a little time to get some things done around the house – not exciting but true.  Until next time, I am…

Gratefully yours,


Author: Jill Schneiderman

Hello and welcome to my blog. This started as a one year experiment to try to improve my health, turning to Dr. Oz for advice. One year became two and after that, the writing bug hit and writing about travel, lifestyle and my own musings became more fun so my blog evolved from The Whiz-Ard That is Dr. Oz into Jill of Some Trades. After the death of my mother, I added grief to my list of topics and this became a place for me to remember the good, but embrace the sad as well. I'll never write about any one thing - there is just so much in the world to comment on. Life is all about crying and laughing and learning, sometimes all at once and this is what I hope that my blog is for you.

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