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39 Weeks Left – How Energizing!

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Wow – only 39 weeks to go in my year of living Oz-ily.  This week, my grand total of products bought in my quest for health greatness totalled a whopping zero, nil, bubkis, snake-eyes – oops that’s two – nevermind.  As I mentioned yesterday, I signed up for free online meditation with Deepak and Oprah – and yes, we are on a first name basis.  I do want to try as many things as possible, but I don’t want to break the bank either.  I’m trying hard not to take a million supplements, so I’m just sticking with the ones that I know make a difference for me.  I don’t want to be a pill popper – I’m not Rob Ford – oh sorry, he likes less polished drugs.

This month’s topic is all about me getting my energy back.  I don’t stay home, curled up in a little ball, never getting out of bed but I just don’t have that spring in my step, that Zip A Dee Doo Dah, that joie de vivre, that – I guess you get the picture.  I feel tired, almost all of the time.  I have a cold, but that’s not what’s sapping my energy.  In fact, I’m just not quite sure what it is.  All I know is that I want to feel good again.  According to Billy Crystal, as Fernando Lamas, “Jill, don’t be a schnook, it’s not how you feel, it’s how you look…” but when I don’t feel great, I don’t look great.  In fact, I’m kind of an ugly sick person.  My eyes just get all puffy, slitty and red, my nose looks like someone used sandpaper on it and for some weird reason, my lipstick just won’t stay on.  Horrors!  There are some people who look cute and pathetic when they are sick – I’m not one of them.  Lately, even when I haven’t been battling a cold, I’ve had dark circles under my eyes and have been limping around like a 90 year old.  I’m ready to feel my best again.

I was flipping through my “Dr. Oz – The Good Life Magazine”, and there just happens to be an article called “8 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Energy” – here are the tips and the low down on which I’ll try:

-Spritz a lemon perfume – basically, the smell of lemon is to help with alertness.  Seriously though, if I wanted to smell like a can of furniture polish, I’d spray myself with Pledge – it’s so much cheaper than perfume.  I’m going to skip this

-Add a stand out accessory – if you saw the hideous bangles in the picture with the article, you’d get why this is a no go for me too

-Savour a stimulating spice – they suggest cardamom – maybe I’ll look into this or maybe hot sauce will do the trick – I’ll investigate – this seems more livable to me

-Snack on crunchy cashews – great – another nut!  Apparently, they are a good source of magnesium.  All you need are 13 to give you 20% of your RDA of the important mineral – more than many nuts.  Ok – I’m already eating brazil nuts (2 a day), walnuts (6 a day), almonds (between 12-18 a day) and sometimes pistachios, so let’s add more to the party!  Just an FYI – if you stick to a very small amount of nuts, you will not gain weight.  I really stick to the exact amounts suggested, so don’t be a flutter nutter, just eat them

-Go for a stroll – apparently 20 minutes of low-intensity exercise like walking can decrease fatigue by 65%.  I walk quite a bit already, so I think I have this one covered

-Give your cheeks a gorgeous glow – INSERT EYE ROLL HERE – seriously!  It’s supposed to make you look healthier, yada, yada, yada – bad tip  – next

-Refresh your skin – use a gentle scrub once or twice a week.  I already do this because of the advice from “You Being Beautiful”

-Fill your space with bright colour – no ugly lanterns will be placed in my home even if I will feel more energetic by having them.  Maybe I should just decorate my home with My Little Pony Toys and Beanie Babies – they are bright and colourful too

Basically, it’s the two C’s for me – cashews and cardamom.  Dr. Oz really does have a good amount of information on energy – this was just a space filler in his magazine, nothing more.  I may as well move on to my daily moment of gratitude.  Today, I am grateful for not giving into temptation and cancelling my training session.  It really helped me feel better today – and my cold isn’t really bad enough to use it as an excuse not to exercise.  Until tomorrow, I am…

Gratefully Yours,






Author: Jill Schneiderman

Hello and welcome to my blog. This started as a one year experiment to try to improve my health, turning to Dr. Oz for advice. One year became two and after that, the writing bug hit and writing about travel, lifestyle and my own musings became more fun. I'll return to the "Whiz-ard" when the feeling comes, but exploring other topics and getting to connect with new people and re-connect with old friends has been fun! Remember, any health advice you see here should be vetted with your family doctor. Any travel advice that I give though, should be followed! I am a marketing professional, working in media. This allows me to continue my obsession with all things TV and print and get paid for it. I'm an avid traveller, reader and shopper but make time for friends, family and volunteering so that I don't feel completely shallow.

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