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For Valentine’s Day, How About Some Oral…..

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….health?  What did you think I meant?  Get your minds out of the gutter, this is a PG rated blog.

You can be a super model or the hottest guy around, but if you have bad breath, that goes down the toilet and smells like one too.  I started the chapter by doing the little test that they recommend.  It’s simple, unlike some of the other tests in the book.  You just have to look at the bottoms of your top teeth (incisors) and the tops of your bottom teeth (say this sentence 5 times fast) to see if they are flat or somewhat jagged.  If they are flat, you may be a tooth grinder and you could be wearing down your teeth which can cause problems in the future.  If they are jagged, and mine are slightly, you are ok.

Now let’s get down and dirty.  If you read my  blog regularly, you’ll know that I’m rather smug about my teeth.  I didn’t learn a ton from this chapter about dental care since I already do a lot of the things that they recommend.  I brush, floss and tongue scrape.  I’m not going to recommend toothbrushes or toothpaste to you, but if you are not a regular flosser, I’m obsessed with Glide dental floss.   Truly, it’s the best I’ve ever used.  When I start running low, I get shakey.  I stockpile it like a nuclear war is about to happen.  According to “You Being Beautiful”, 80% of people don’t floss.  HUGE MISTAKE.  It takes about two minutes and if you don’t, the Drs. say you are not cleaning 40% of the tooth.  That’s like taking a shower and not washing past your waist.  Would you do that?

A lot of people fear going to the dentist.  I actually look forward to my 6 month appointments.  When you take care of your teeth and gums, it doesn’t hurt (at least not me) when they clean your teeth.  In my 20s, I wasn’t as diligent about flossing, and my gums would bleed.  I decided to see if I did it for 21 days straight if it would become a habit.  Guess what – it did!  I never, no matter how tired I am, skip a day and it made a huge difference.  As Drs. Oz and Roizen say (page 103 of “You Being Beautiful)…”if you don’t floss, remember to save up money to buy the dentures you’re eventually going to need (as well as the coronary artery bypass graft, Viagara, and Botox, since gum diseases says a lot about how you look and the inner health of your arteries).  Remember, it’s two minutes of your day and it can help save a lot of hassles later. 

Lastly, wanna a quick tip on how to reduce bad breath?  It’s as simple as scrapping your tongue every day.  It removes bacteria and plaque by 75% – and when you see what comes off your tongue, you’ll wonder why you never did it before – it’s so gross.  I used to brush my tongue until my hygienist told me that it cross contaminates your toothbrush and she gave me a tongue scraper.  Love that thing – in ten seconds you feel fresh as a daisy.

Now that you know all of this – pucker up and enjoy Valentine’s Day.


Author: Jill Schneiderman

Hello and welcome to my blog. This started as a one year experiment to try to improve my health, turning to Dr. Oz for advice. One year became two and after that, the writing bug hit and writing about travel, lifestyle and my own musings became more fun. I'll return to the "Whiz-ard" when the feeling comes, but exploring other topics and getting to connect with new people and re-connect with old friends has been fun! Remember, any health advice you see here should be vetted with your family doctor. Any travel advice that I give though, should be followed! I am a marketing professional, working in media. This allows me to continue my obsession with all things TV and print and get paid for it. I'm an avid traveller, reader and shopper but make time for friends, family and volunteering so that I don't feel completely shallow.

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